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Creating a Database With Visual Data Manager in Visual Basic 6.0

posted by : Hazmi Fadhilah
at 04 January 2012 11:17:43 WIB - Category: programming - be read : 25936 time

Alhamdulillah finally able to post and share your knowledge after making pre-occupied with my thesis and other busy ^_^
Now I will share knowledge about visual basic programming to friends.
The discussion this time is how to create a database. Actually to create a database we can create by using Microsoft Access or use a MySQL database.
But now I will explain how to create a database with the default application from Visual Basic itself, which is using the Visual Data Manager.

okay we begin the discussion and follow the steps below...^_^

1. The first and mandatory step is to open its first Visual Basic application.
Create a database in visual basic
2. Then click the Add-Ins menu and select Visual Data Manager. . .
 Create a database in visual basic
3. After VisData window appears, click on File> New> Microsoft Access> Version 7.0 MDB, and then save the database name as you wish, for example DBLatihan.
 Create a database in visual basic
4. Next right click anywhere on the database tab window and select New Table, then you will see form the table structure, fill in the name of the table to be created in the Table Name, and then create a field in a table by clicking the Add Field button, then inputkan field name, type, and size of the field you want to create (adjust the type and size with a field that is created).
 Create a database in visual basic
5. After Creating a table and fill fieldnya, the next step click Build The Table on the Table Structure. 

Up here we've managed to create a simple database using visual data manager .. ^_^, just developed according to the desire of friends.
I posted this article was also on my blog

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12 April 2012 - 23:26:50 WIB

bisa minta tolong ...
buat satu database yang agak rumit serta tutorial nya ..
tapi gak rumit2 amat ya bos..
soal nya ane ada tugas buat database menggunakan VB..
kalau bisa bos nolong kirim ke email saya itu ya bos..
thanks banyak

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